Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They Want to pay you to search!

The site front page show how you can make money by make it as your home page. Hey WHY NOT? After all what the difference it has on what site is your homepage. You are not looking at it whole night, do you? Then logically it is worth while to search and make money........ Read More

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Earning Up

It has been quite a busy month in May, I have attended the National Achievers Congree where 11 world renowned speakers share their insight in wealth creation. Read my Blog on the Power of Success

In May, few PayPerPost programs that I have applied has approved my main blog enlightening Your eBusiness Direction to Make Extra Money Online and this has add to more income opportunity for me and you as my readers, I will post this opportunities one by one and write simple tutorial on how to go about it.

The earning to date

Bloggerwaves just paid through -$114 and it look like they do not have any new opportunity.

Blogitive had approved post with $5 each and paid one of them. On ething about Bligitive is that their offer is restricted to 2 -3. Not much choices.

Blogvertise had approved about 8 post submitted with a total payment of $81.

Sponsored review also approved my blog but non of the opportunity I reserved had yet to recieved approval. One submission was rejected probably I asked too much.

ReviewMe still had no offer for my blog

Loud launch is also pending my blog application.

Advertlets for Malaysian seem to pick up lot of steam, has been neglecting this two, including Nuffnang. Must pay more attention from now.

Yes, before I forget , PayPerPost had finally approved my blog for the PPP and PPP Direct which means that this will help Make Extra Money Online.

The total earning in May is mostly from BlogPost. have to do one thing at a time, after getting use to them then move on to other stream of income.

I have also sign up Stephen Pierce Smart Marketing Coaching Club will share some insight here when I completed the coaching and attending the Boot camp in Septemebr. just be patient.

Alos I finally complted joining all the Program feature in Marketing Pond, will study how it work to Make Even More Money Online.

Keep reading

Have a great day.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Venpar - Venture Alliance Partner

Have great idea but lack of resources to implement it, you are not alone. Many great ideas fiddled away without even going into the drawing board. Great idea need great Venture Alliance Partners support and guidance. Great venture capitalist do more than sourcing for seed funding, in addition, it provides management and corporate strategies implementation, monitoring, and control. Great Venture Alliance Partners provide strong and trustworthy determination ensuring continuous growth and your success!